We are an exporter of all kinds used automobiles - Passenger Cars, Vans, Sports Cars, RVs, Buses, Trucks, etc. We export to a number of countries, & can export to any port of the world, for which a commercial shipping service is available from Japan. To fulfill the needs of our customers in better way, we have trained staff in our stock yards in Yokohama & Toyama.

We are in this business for nearly 15 years, & have experience of everything related to automobile export from Japan.

Membership of Auto Auctions

We are member of most of big auto auction houses of Japan - Used-Cars System Solutions (USS), Toyota Auto Auction (TAA), USS Rytsu Auto Auction (URAA), Arai Auto Auction (AAA), Japan Used Car Dealers Association (JU) etc.-. Besides these auctions, we have a good network of used automobile dealers, throughout Japan.

Showroom in Toyama

Besides our head office & main yard in Yokohama, we also have a branch office & sales point in Toyama-West Japan. This branch office mainly fulfills the needs of customers from CIS countries, who visits the Toyama port on regular basis. We have Russian speaking staff in Toyama branch office, to deal better with those customers.


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